🔔LaPAD Introduction/LIBRARY

(Launch Alerts Pad)

LaPad offers the following services;

🟢 Promotion of Your Project on LaPad Website

🟢 Seed-Sale Announcements

🟢Private-Sale Announcements

🟢ICO Announcements

🟢IDO Announcements

🟢IEO Announcements

🟢Pancakeswap Announcements

🟢 CoinMarketcap and Coingecko Announcements

🟢 Announcements of Cex Exchanges

Unlike many other presale platforms, LaPad aims to announce only KYC or Audit verified projects to investors.

When one of these services is provided, we make an announcement on our website and organize an AMA on our Telegram or Twitter accounts.

LaPAD is a launchpad platform that provides solutions to cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that have a good concept but do not have a strategy for success. We select branding, marketing, and launching projects to find the best advantages and provide consulting solutions.

LaPad platform is a platform in the crypto ecosystem that aims to deliver value-added crypto projects to crypto users. Its primary purpose is to protect the investor's funds by offering KYC-verified projects to crypto users.

Our aims is not to present many projects to crypto users. Our goal is to offer only quality and trusted crypto projects to crypto users and add value the crypto ecosystem.

Our social media platforms are one of the cornerstones of the LaPad project. We periodically distribute valuable cryptocurrencies to our users as gifts.

Website: http://www.lapad.co

Mail : info@lapad.co

LaPad Social Media;

What people says about us; https://coinmarketcap.com/community/post/320774047

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