LaPad Reward Token
LaPad( Launch Alert Pad)
LaPad Reward Token will be distributed to users during Ama or during marketing and Airdrop events. LaPad Token will be reserved for Tier 1 exchanges in accordance with tokenomics and will focus on protecting the funds of our organic investors. That's way there are differences between LaPAD Token and LaPAD Reward Token.
20% of monthly revenue generated on LaPad platforms goes to LaPad Token marketing and liquidity.
There will be only one pre-sale of LaPad Reward Token. If the LPDR 200k Soft-Cap value is reached, no pre-sale will be made. LaPad Reward token planned listing price: TBA
LAPAD Token Total Supply: 100,000,000 LPDT
LaPad Reward Token Total Supply: LPDT
LaPAD REWARD Token Tokenomics
%20 Marketing
% 3 Airdrop
% 8 Team
% 2 Advisor
% 7 Burn( Gradually)
%60 Liquidity
LaPad Reward Token Distribution
LaPad Reward Tokens will be distributed at time intervals determined by the team. Follow our official Telegram channel for it.
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